StabOx, lab instrument to support the high-precision oxidation stability test

Monday August 17th, 2020

StabOx is a laboratory instrument to support the measurement of the oxidation stability of insulating liquids, it is entirely designed and manufactured by Sea Marconi. StabOx represents the maximum synthesis of Sea Marconi skills, which has been able to combine chemistry, electronics, IoT, process and product engineering at the highest levels.

StabOx by Sea Marconi
StabOx, with ad-hoc customization for TERNA

The oxidation stability test evaluates the behavior of an oil subjected to strong thermal and chemical stress; this analysis constitutes an initial qualification and classification test of the oil, as well as an indicator of the suitability to continue the service of oxidized oils. StabOx performs the accelerated aging of liquids under controlled conditions with high precision, the equipment fully complies with all the requirements of the reference standard (IEC 61125* ed. 2.0 2018-01) but starting from those it is able to offer much higher quality standards. In fact, Stabox maintains the temperature of the samples and the oxidant flow rate at prescribed levels, while ensuring a decidedly higher accuracy for the entire duration of the test, without any intervention by the operator.

Terna immediately understood and appreciated the concentration of innovation contained in StabOx with a purchase order in January (2020).

The instrument allows to perform up to three tests in parallel (completely independent of each other) and has preloaded settings that facilitate its execution on different types of insulating fluids: inhibited and non-inhibited mineral oils, natural esters, synthetic esters.

StabOx has an intuitive touch-screen interface that provides automatic alerts and reminders. The control software can be updated eg for future standard revisions. The instrument can be remotely controlled and integrated with a laboratory management system (LIMS).

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Technical sheet (ENG) (3053 KiB)

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