Application of the CDP Process for the decontamination of power transformers ex Askarel PCBs

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Sea Marconi, at an important European chemical industry, is performing an extremely delicate specialised activity: the decontamination of five power transformers originally filled with Askarel (a mixture of 60% of PCBs and 40% of chlorobenzene as solvent).

The activity is scheduled in two phases:

1. draining the contaminated fluid and the subsequent filling with oil with a special formulation (in this instance repeated twice);

2. chemical dehalogenation done by the CDP Process by Sea Marconi with the objective of reaching initially a concentration not exceeding 500 mg/kg and subsequently, lower it below 50 mg/kg with the re-classification of the equipment and oil as “NO PCBs”.

Currently, phase two is in progress. Sea Marconi is operating in continuous mode keeping the transformer in operation at full load. These particular process conditions are possible thanks to the use of mobile units developed by Sea Marconi (DMU) capable also to operate under complete safe conditions 24 hours a day without being manned by technical personnel.

Sea Marconi, with its “PCBs free Program” line confirms being a leader in the decontamination form PCBs of power equipment, thanks, most of all, to the application of innovative solutions with the highest safety standards for the operators, assets and the environment.

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