Lab Mixing Unit for preparation of DGA standards

jeudi 31 mars 2022

The LAB Mixing Unit increases the ratio of dissolution of gases into liquids during the preparation of calibration standards for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), according to the IEC 60567 requirements “Oil-filled electrical equipment – Sampling of gases and analysis of free and dissolved gases- Guidance”. In fact following the IEC 60567, gas-in-oil standards (GIO-standard) shall be prepared in glass syringes with a degassed oil.

A known quantity of gas standard is injected into the oil already contained in a syringe. The dissolution of gas bubbles requires a constant mixing of the syringe. This operation is extremely time consuming if performed manually. Mixing Unit is an apparatus designed to mix syringes by automatic rotary movement. It can mix up to 8 syringes at the same time. This apparatus is composed by a rotating shaft equipped with 8 clamps to hold syringes or any other compatible glassware therefore it can used as mixer for any other chemicals.

80% Man-hours saving

Easy monitoring

UV protection of samples


Length: 690 mm; depth: 690 mm; height: 670 mm


25 Kg

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Optional accessories

Starting pack Gas-in-oil Standard

Glassware and accessories are necessary to prepare the gas-in-oil standard GIO-Standard with the items developed by Sea Marconi. The pack is composed of:

  • 8  glass syringes with Luer-lock of 4 different volumes, (from 100 to 250 ml)
  • 6 gas micro-syringes of different volumes, from 50 to 5000 µl, to use for the introduction of gases standard in the degassed liquid
  • 5 needles to transfer the GIO-Standard from syringes to vials contained in the Revolving Table
  • 1 kg of glass beads, used to speed up the dissolution of gases in the liquid
  • 10 m of pipe used to connect the inert gas at the LAB Degassing Unit
  • 1 sparger for degassing of liquids
  • Worksheet_DGA_Gas-In-Oil_Standard, is a worksheet developed by Sea Marconi to facilitate the GIO-Standards  calculation

Startup Training

Familiarization for the use of the Lab Mixing Unit. The training is carried out OnLine via Microsoft Teams. Approximate duration: 1h.

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