CDP Process®, Best Available Technique according to the Italian Ministry of the

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With pride we publish an abstract from OFFICIAL GAZETTE of the Republic of Italy of 7 June 2007 by Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Seas.This legislative document implements in Italy European Directive 96/61/EC known as “IPPC” for the enacting of the guidelines for the identification of the Bets Available Techniques allowing the competent national and regional authorities to issue Integrated Environmental Authorisations.

The entire Document is a humongous set of legislation on the management of wastes of 885 pages, thus we have only considered the first section (69 pages) relative to 5 WASTE MANAGEMENT (Treatment of PCBs, apparatuses and wastes containing PCBs and stocking systems).

In particular we draw your attention to section D2.2 describing the decontamination technologies currently applied, in particular section D.2.2.2 Processes of chemical type based upon the dehalogenation of PCBs in insulating liquid. This section describes the different technologies including the ones used by ENERVAC of Canada (section D. and S.D. MYERS (section D. as well as the CDP Process® by Sea Marconi (section D.

Also we draw your attention on section E.3 General comparative evaluation: the CDP Process® by Sea Marconi is the best available technique.

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