Lab Degassing Unit for preparation of DGA standards

Terça, 13 de Julho de 2021

The Lab Degassing Unit is a stainless steel vessel that allows to degas up to 5 liters of fluid at a pressure of around 10 mbar by a vacuum pump (the unit maintains vacuum conditions for several hours after the degassing process).
Through dedicated valves, vacuum can be broken blowing an inert gas in; subsequently the treated liquid sample can be directly sampled from the bottom by a syringe.

Due to its steel construction, all operations are performed safely, without any risk for the operators deriving from the breakage of a typical glass vessels.
Process parameters (temperature and vacuum level) can be continuously monitored by means of specific sensors (optional).
This apparatus is meant to optimize the degassing process during the preparation of gas in oil standards for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) according to IEC 60567 (Ed 4.0 2011-10) – “Oil-filled electrical equipment – Sampling of gases and analysis of free and dissolved gases- Guidance.”
The Lab Degassing Unit is also suitable to perform other degassing processes on different fluids (e.g. R&D applications).


Lab Degassing Unit
External diameter: 170 mm | Height: 474 mm

WxHx): 120 mm x 203 mm x 289 mm


6 Kg

9.3 Kg

Safer and easier

High performance

High capacity, integrated and compact

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Pump (included)

The Lab Degassing Unit is equipped with a vacuum pump to minimize the evolution of vapors from the treated fluids. The pump is equipped with a valve system that allows all operations of filling, degassing, vacuum breaking, and sampling, easily and safely. The characteristics of the pump guarantee a vacuum level of 10 mbar.

Optional accessories

Sensors Pack

LAB Degassing Unit sensors for the real-time acquisition of process parameters, temperature and vacuum.

  • Vacuum sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Data acquisition system (DAQ)
  • Software for the acquisition and management of process parameters

Magnetic stirrer heater

Magnetic stirrer heater with a temperature probe to perform the liquid treatment with LAB Degassing Unit.

  • LED display for temperature and stirring rate
  • Configurable probe temperature with display
  • Temperature range : ambient temperature – 280 °C
  • Stirring rate: 100-1500 rpm

Starting pack Gas-in-oil Standard

Glassware and accessories are necessary to prepare the gas-in-oil standard GIO-Standard with the items developed by Sea Marconi. The pack is composed of:

  • 8  glass syringes with Luer-lock of 4 different volumes, (from 100 to 250 ml)
  • 6 gas micro-syringes of different volumes, from 50 to 5000 µl, to use for the introduction of gases standard in the degassed liquid
  • 5 needles to transfer the GIO-Standard from syringes to vials contained in the Revolving Table
  • 1 kg of glass beads, used to speed up the dissolution of gases in the liquid
  • 10 m of pipe used to connect the inert gas at the LAB Degassing Unit
  • 1 sparger for degassing of liquids
  • Worksheet_DGA_Gas-In-Oil_Standard, is a worksheet developed by Sea Marconi to facilitate the GIO-Standards  calculation

Startup Training

Familiarization for the use of the Lab Degassing Unit. The training is carried out OnLine via Microsoft Teams. Approximate duration: 1h.

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