DGA EXPERIENCE – Improving the performance of your DGA

Segunda, 4 de Abril de 2022

The amount of gas dissolved in the transformer oil (or other electrical equipment) is the main indicator of electrical or thermal faults of the equipment and/or its accessories; for this reason the DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) is one of the most important measures in their life cycle management (LCM). The reference standard is IEC 60599 “Mineral oil-filled electrical equipment in service – Guidance on the interpretation of dissolved and free gases analysis” and offers guidelines for a correct interpretation of the analytical results. Sea Marconi, on a daily basis, translates the results of the analysis of gases in oil into real diagnoses (and prognoses) providing the owner of the transformer an invaluable information on the state of health of the equipment and suggesting appropriate preventive or corrective actions in terms of risk assessment and loss prevention.
Sea Marconi has been carrying out dissolved gas analyzes (DGA) in transformer oils since 1979 (first in Italy), when the practice of predictive diagnostics of transformer failures began.
Dissolved gas analysis is today an accredited test (ACCREDIA) and is the most performed test in the Sea Marconi laboratory: over 10,000 a year. This know-how is recognized and in demand all over the world.

From these foundations DGA EXPERIENCE was born: a package of products, instrumentation, assistance, advanced training and specialist consultancy, designed for new laboratories or for those who intend to improve their performance by respecting the requirements of the sector standards.

DGA Experience

Cost and time saving

Accuracy, precision, repeatability

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The Sea Marconi laboratory is one of the few laboratories in the world (the only one in Italy) able to offer a package of accredited tests (including dissolved gas analysis),  fundamental in the diagnosis and prognosis of electrical equipment with insulating fluids

DGA EXPERIENCE is a new package of products and services aimed mainly at new laboratories or those who want to improve their performance in compliance with industry standards (IEC/ASTM).

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