BioEnProH2, together with Chilometro Blu, for development and innovation in the field of circular economy in West Turin

Thursday April 18th, 2024

Sea Marconi is gearing up to be a key player in the Chilometro Blu project (CH2ILOMETRO BLU), an ambitious challenge for circular economy in the West Area of Turin.
Chilometro Blu is part of a broader project program, led by the Territorial Pact of the West Area of Turin, which achieved the prestigious second place nationally in the call for proposals by the Ministry of Industry and Made in Italy (d.dir. July 30, 2021) obtaining a funding of 10 million euros.

Promoted by the City of Collegno, Chilometro Blu represents a unique opportunity to ground a vast experience gained in the territory in the field of urban and industrial waste management (resources), research, technological innovation, and sustainable development. The project aims to create a reference center for circular bioeconomy, actively involving the University of Turin, Polytechnic of Turin, companies, trade unions, and employer organizations.

Sea Marconi, along with other prominent entities such as Snam, Saipem, Barricalla, Gruppo Cidiu, PUNCH Hydrocells Amma, Asja, will be an integral part of this project, contributing with its know-how and advanced solutions in the field of circular bioeconomy. In particular, Sea Marconi’s BioEnPro H2 project will be integrated into the context of Chilometro Blu, aiming for hydrogen and food production from intensified greenhouses with a negative CO2 balance, without the use of electrolyzers. This project, which continues the research and innovations born in the previous project BIOENPRO4TO, has the potential to find applications at national, European, and international levels once industrialized.

The success of the Chilometro Blu project is the result of synergistic collaboration between institutions, business and trade union organizations, universities, and industrial groups, with Sea Marconi playing a key role in promoting circular economy and technological innovation in the West Area of Turin.

This significant recognition confirms Sea Marconi’s fundamental role in promoting innovative solutions to address environmental and social challenges of our time. We are excited to be part of this initiative and look forward to the future with determination and optimism, ready to tackle the challenges of transitioning to a more sustainable and circular economy.

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