Below we describe the projects and research areas in which Sea Marconi is involved in various capacities:


A study of 100% organic substances capable of combating bacteria, fungi and viruses on a large scale by means of intelligent release techniques.

Functionalised nanosponges

Since 1999, the Sea Marconi has developed, synthesised and patented new materials called “functionalised nanosponges. “Nanosponges are polymers, natural derivatives of starch based on cyclodextrins, formulated by special chemical crosslinking reactions in order to produce specific micro-cavities. These cavities enable nanosponges to act as carriers, since they can absorb, retain and release organic molecules or metal ions in a controlled manner; a property that has some astonishing applications (environment, agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, catalysis, etc. )

Functionalised nanosponges (italian)


Topic. Systems and components for energy recovery and energy efficiency in motor vehicles.
Sea Marconi has been involved in the “new materials” part, with the production of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) from plastic and rubber end-of-life waste.

Duration: February 2013 – October 2015

Progress. The project has finished. An event was held on 26 October 2015 to present the results by each of the project participants. Sea Marconi achieved an extraordinary outcome in demonstrating the possibility to grow nanotubolar structures in certain conditions of catalyst, temperature, gas flow and time.

Tender: REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME “Regional Competitiveness and Employment” ERDF2007 – 2013

Axis 1″Innovation and production transition” – Action I. 1. 1 “Innovative platforms”

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