Ricerca Sea Marconi
Ricerca Sea Marconi

Research in our core business area has a number of objectives: constant improvement in efficiency for oil treatment by Sea Marconi for one, as well as developing new methods of identifying problems, and even studying innovative solutions for online monitoring of some key parameters quicker more efficiently and more economically. Very often this means anticipating industry regulations (which are by nature a lengthy process from initial identification of need to publication of the final document), by providing a prompt response to new problems which, in view of the rate at which materials develop, occur periodically in the normal operations of a transformer fleet.

Continuous improvement of services, products and technologies to support oil and transformer life cycle management.

Ongoing research currently concerns:

Refinement of diagnostic tools, which through big data analysis allows Sea Marconi to classify functional and environmental problems (by type and priority) in an increasingly precise way, and suggest appropriate corrective actions (by type and priority) that are increasingly efficient.
Study of advanced methods for simulating the ageing of oil and solid insulators (papers). 
Continuous simulation and tests for study and greater understanding of the mechanisms of corrosion
Design and development of multi-detection devices for the measurement (including online) of electrical and physical-chemical properties of oil, both in the field and for laboratory use.
Designing devices for remote monitoring of machines and complex systems, together with the appropriate apps for smartphones and tablets.
Continuous improvement of processes for the treatment of oils using unconventional technologies.
Research into technological solutions for the treatment of recycled oils to make them compliant with the IEC 62701 industry standard.

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