Research and Innovation

Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Sea Marconi; without this effort for constant improvement the company would not have reached its leading position in the market segment. The commitment to research at Sea Marconi focuses mainly on three areas:

  1. Core business
  2. BioEnergy
  3. Nanomaterials

Research concerning Core Business

The continuous development of materials, in terms of both transformers and insulating fluids, makes for an extremely changeable operating environment. The last 10 years have seen a growing awareness on the part of owners of electrical equipment that there are new problems to be confronted, to which even industry standards are unable to respond.

Research objectives for our core business are concerned specifically with developing innovative methods of identifying new issues and new tools for analysis in the field, as well as improving Sea Marconi’s treatment processes.

Projects currently underway concerning core business

Research into Bioenergy

Over the years the company has gradually increased its efforts in this line of research; this is certainly considered the most promising sector and is also the one nearest to being marketed.
Investments in the bioenergy sector have also increased thanks to the many research tenders for which Sea Marconi has submitted successful bids. This has led to numerous discoveries and refinement of the processes that underlie the mechanism (already patented) for thermochemical conversion of carbonaceous matrices of biomass (NON FOOD) in energy vectors (bio oil, biochar, biosyngas, biohydrogen, etc), and new products being developed (carbon nanotubes, carbon nanostructures, syngas, hydrogen, etc. )

Over the years, the original idea has been perfected, extended and enhanced to become a Smart Solution for Smart Communities, called BioEnPro. BioEnPro is an astonishing synergy of different processes (mechanical press extrusion, biochemical conversion, thermochemical conversion, dual fuel cogeneration with gas motors, phytoremediation, etc) designed to produce bioenergy and products for Smart Communities in a totally self-sustainable way, at zero km, with zero waste, carbon negative and supporting new occupations (green jobs).

Current projects in Bioenergy

Research in nanomaterials

When we talk about nano materials we’re essentially referring to nanosponges, a product of research carried out in our laboratory, which has enormous potential. Nanosponges are synthetic macromolecules with nano-porosity derived from starch, which can retain and especially release certain substances in a controlled manner. According to the latest lines of research, this property makes them particularly suitable for retaining the nutrients that crops need,meaning less herbicides and fertilisers need to be used, therefore producing healthier crops that grow quicker.

Other applications include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, water decontamination, etc.

Current projects in nanomaterials

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