Diagnostics on insulating liquids during the life cycle of electrical equipment

Life Cycle Management (LCM) of a machine pool is an extremely complex activity that requires cross-sector skills.To adopt the best maintenance strategy, purely technical, regulatory and environmental aspects should be taken into consideration.
On the basis of the agreed duration, this course provides the tools for better managing the different phases of the life cycle of electrical equipment with insulating fluids.Each phase requires different checks which, on the one hand, permit compliance with regulatory obligations, and on the other, make it possible to identify the critical issues typical of each phase.For this reason, it is necessary to know the core industry standards, know how to interpret diagnostic outcomes and know the possible countermeasures in case of critical issues.

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1 day

The duration of the course can be varied based on training needs

Choice of a new insulating liquid

– Classification IEC 60296
– Corrosiveness surveys
– Role and effects of additives

Supply of a transformer
– Checks suggested during supply
– Heat run and gas tests (DGA)
– Checks during factory tests, not just DGA
– Real cases of “infantile” failures

Monitoring during operational life
– From the diagnosis of degradation to corrective actions
– Long-term monitoring: a preventative tool
– Learning from failures
End of life
– Monitoring of thermal degradation (Trend analysis of CO2 and 2-FAL)

Post-failure checks and post-mortem

Overview of different oil treatment techniques
– – Dehumidification
– Oil reconditioning
– Oil reclamation
– Selective depolarisation
– Oil inhibition and passivation
– Oil replacement
– Dehalogenation from PCB

Theoretical session with supporting Power Point presentations.

– Managers of electrical machine pools,
– Oil producers or transformers,
– Risk Managers,
– Utilities engineers,
– Consultants,
– Researchers (in the electrical, environmental and technical fluid fields),
– Asset Managers,
– Insurance companies,
– Maintenance technicians,
– Engineers involved in the operation of high voltage systems,
– Laboratory managers and technicians

Sea Marconi Campus (via Ungheria 20, Collegno (Turin) – Italy)

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Training material

Each participant will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentations (paper and electronic version) shown during the course and any follow-up handouts.
At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.


This course is held in Italian, English and French.
The course can be delivered in other languages through an interpreter chosen by Sea Marconi or the customer


Maina Riccardo

Sea Marconi Laboratory Manager

Pecoraro Giuseppe

Processes and Technologies

*The course may be held by other Sea Marconi trainers

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