Kit for determination of acidity of oil

Friday March 17th, 2017

The total acidity (TAN) is one of the indicators of insulating liquid deterioration, together with water content and solid contaminants, which influence the dielectric properties of the oil. The acidity impacts the decay of the insulating papers and can also be responsible for the corrosion of the metal parts inside transformers.

Careful and constant monitoring of this parameter is therefore essential to correctly manage the life cycle (LCM) of electrical equipment and insulating fluids.

The SM-TAN kit (Sea Marconi – Total Acid Number) differs completely from the others on the market since it expresses a value between 0.01 and 0.7 mgKOH/goil, obtaining a result in a few minutes, and it is easy to repeat and reproduce; It can also be used on very dense samples.

Sea Marconi’s kit can also be used on site since it does not require standard laboratory analytical services. The test is simple and fast, can also be done by normal staff members thanks to Sea Marconi’s illustrated manual and customer service.

The SM-TAN kit (patented method) can be used for:

monitoring the quality of the insulating oil in order to assess the level of chemical/physical decay;
evaluating the aging process and the residual life cycle of insulating liquids. This helps to define the priorities and the type of treatment, such as re-addiction, selective depolarization, or fluid replacement (see.Tab.5 of IEC 60422, Ed.4 2013 – Application and interpretation of the tests plus recommended actions);
prevention or mitigation of the risks associated with cellulosic material deterioration and the corrosion of the metal parts inside electrical equipment.

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Method Colourimetric acid-base titration
Measurement limits 0.01 – 0.7 mgKOH/goil
Accuracy 0.0125 mgKOH/goil
Content lthe package contains 50 kits (the kits are not sold separately)
Each pack contains:

  • 50 x Plastic 10 ml test tubes
  • 5 x 5 ml Vials with titrant
  • 5 x Plastic pipettes
  • 1 x Bottle of extracting solution (125 ml)
  • 40 x Plastic 5 ml syringes
  • Illustrated instruction manual

a micro dispenser with points (one-off, not included)

The test result calculation method a paper based conversion table (included)
Test duration approx. 2 min
Test difficulty easy
  • Easy to use
  • Quick tests
  • Easy to repeat and reproduce

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