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  • Water in transformer
  • Corrosion caused by dissolution of metals (C4)
  • Degradation of insulating papers
  • Chemical degradation of oil
  • Insoluble deposits (sludge)
  • PCBs in oil and transformer
  • Environmental severity
  • SF6 in oil – Bushing seal defects
  • Empty transformer (commissioning)
  • Corrosive sulfur with DBDS (C1)
  • Corrosive sulphur from sulphur combustion by-products (C3)
  • Corrosive sulfur without DBDS (C2)

Worldwide esperience

Direct experience

Treatments (decontamination, depolarisation, dehalogenation of transformers with insulating oils) performed with its own units and personnel

Transfer of expertise

Treatments (decontamination, depolarisation, dehalogenation of transformers with insulating oils) performed by local partners after training on the technology, methods and Sea Marconi processes.

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