TransfoClean is the new “sustainable” solution designed to support owners/holders of electrical transformers withinsulating oils in their complex management activities at all stages of the machine’s life cycle (LCM).
This means primarily damage prevention and environmental protection, and also taking into account budget constraints and regulatory requirements.

TransfoClean is based on the analogy between men-blood and transformer-oil. Similar to the way clinical diagnostics are performed, Sea Marconi monitors the state of health of transformers by analysing (and diagnosing) the oil inside them.

Sustainable solutions for Life Cycle Management (LCM) of electrical equipment with insulating fluids

With the appropriate treatments it is also possible to “cure” particular criticalities and prevent catastrophic failures with possible loss of production and damage to people or the environment.

Sea Marconi is organised into three highly integrated business units:

  • the diagnostics and research laboratory
  • the section that coordinates and carries out on-site services (eg treatments)
  • the engineering section that focuses on construction of systems for the treatment of oils and transformers

Unique elements


of transformer manufacturers, repairers and oil producers

Full technological capability

expertise within the company to design and build our own plants, as well as selling and managing them.

Continuous innovation

in Research and Development, and more than 40 international patents

Compliance with and anticipation of regulations

Sea Marconi employs methods and techniques in conformity with international standards and guidelines (IEC, CENELEC, the Stockholm Convention on PCBs/POPs, etc), and often anticipates them to offer an immediate response to problems not yet covered by regulations

Accredited laboratory (Accredia)

The Sea Marconi laboratory is the only one in Italy accredited for the main analytical tests addressed to determine the state of insulating oils. the accreditation is internationally recognized

Integrated approach

Sea Marconi offers solutions for the protection of both assets (eg. electrical equipment) and the environment (eg. combating PCBs and the treatment and renovation of oil as an alternative to replacing it)

Worldwide experience

with 3,000 clients in 50 countries. Success stories since 1968

The most complete database

Sea Marconi has the most complete independent private database

Best Available Technique (BAT)

Sea Marconi has developed and employs the BAT/BEP (Best Available Techniques/Best Environmental Practice) for treatment of PCBs in service and at the end of life (Ministerial Decree 207 of 29 January, published in italian Official Gazette no. 133)

Solutions for the entire life cycle

A wide range of solutions aimed at different stages of the life cycle of the equipment (LCM)

Technical capability

26 – Treatment plants (fleet)
587 – Power transformers treated (year)
4,900 (tons) – Oil treated in one year
10,000 – Transformers analyzed (year)
17,500 – Fluid samples analyzed (year)
83,000 – Analyzes performed every year
> 75,000 – Transformers in our database
> 240,000 – Diagnosis in our database


Support for owners of electrical machine parks with insulating fluids


List of products manufactured by Sea Marconi and distributed internationally


Sales of modular units/plant (DMUs) for the treatment of oils and transformers

Other services

Checking and monitoring of turbines and rotating machines with hydraulic and lubricating fluids

Emergency response for management of environmental crises with oil and PCBs/POPs

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