Internal inspection of transformer (following a failure)

Sea Marconi offers specialised services including advice after a destructive or partial breakdown. This service aims to identify the causes of the breakdown and prevent the same event happening to identical machines.

Internal inspection includes:

  • Consultation with a Sea Marconi expert,
  • a detailed internal inspection of the damaged transformer,
  • collecting any significant findings and
  • the subsequent analysis (post-failure analysis) at the Sea Marconi Laboratory.
  • a detailed report that reconstructs the birth of the anomaly from the initial stages up until the terminal failure.

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This investigation requires highly specialized expertise: Sea Marconi has deeply rooted experience in cases of out of service machines caused for example by connection failure, thermal deterioration of the solid insulators, and dielectric breakdown due to the presence of corrosive sulphur.

Retracing the failure mechanisms is not easy, machine manufacturers, as well as oil producers, or repairmen, often express a opinion based upon their own interests.

Sea Marconi is an independent firm, with no link to transformer manufacturers, oil producers (and insurance companies), so it can effectively aid the client in determining the causes of the incident.

The information collected from the internal inspection is invaluable to the client, as it may enable one to prevent issues on identical machines and to protect oneself in case of litigation with suppliers and insurance companies.

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