Smart Nosy – The only health monitoring system for resin transformers

Smart Nosy is the only resin transformer health monitoring system that provides timely warnings in case of risk.

For the first time, a worldwide novelty, Sea Marconi offers resin transformer owners, maintainers, and manufacturers a “asset and risk management” tool that can prevent sudden failures and limit production damage.

Smart Nosy comes to the market after over 10 years of research and experimentation conducted in Sea Marconi’s laboratory, boasting one of the largest private databases in the industry.
The result is a screening service capable of early detection of resin transformer failures, estimating its residual life, and suggesting corrective actions to extend its useful life.

A resin transformer has an estimated life of 20 years with a failure rate of up to 5%, causing various damages:

Unexpected plant shutdown

Loss of production and revenue

High emergency replacement costs

Increased insurance costs

Loss of reputation

Smart Nosy allows you to avoid sudden failures and limit consequential damages

The complete solution for resin transformer monitoring

Sea Marconi offers an integrated service that includes real-time monitoring of the resin transformer and laboratory analysis of the particulate emitted by the transformer and captured by Smart Nosy. Through proper diagnostic interpretation of all data, Sea Marconi experts can prevent transformer damage, provide an estimate of its remaining life with timely recommendations on how to extend its useful life.

How the device is made

Smart Nosy is equipped with a series of sensors that detect the “vital” parameters of the transformer in real-time. It is also equipped with a cartridge capable of detecting, through laboratory analysis, the characteristic “odor” emitted by resin transformers in case of defect or abnormal behavior.

Smart Nosy can interface with the client’s IT systems (RJ45 or WiFi) or work with a router and a dedicated data connection.

Technical data

  • dimensions: 28 x 15.2 x 6.6 cm
  • weight: 2 Kg
  • power supply: 230 V, 50-60 Hz

Real-time monitoring + Laboratory analysis

The extraordinary capability of Smart Nosy combines direct transformer monitoring (8 sensors active 24/7) with the observation of substances released by the transformer into the surrounding environment.

This is the innovation: a cartridge housed in Smart Nosy traps the volatile substances present near the transformer. The cartridge is analyzed in the Sea Marconi laboratory, which can identify the characteristic indicators of failure.

The real-time data and laboratory analytical results feed a proprietary algorithm that assists Sea Marconi experts in diagnosing the resin transformer.

How can I access the data collected by Smart Nosy?

Each Smart Nosy communicates in real-time with a web platform that not only displays the data collected by the sensors but also offers a real tool for managing the lifecycle of resin transformers.


  • summary index of health status
  • alert, alarm, reminder notifications
  • trend analysis of collected parameters
  • document upload and maintenance diary
  • adsorbent cartridge management
  • diagnosis archive with residual life estimation and recommended actions

Easy installation and maximum compatibility

The installation of Smart Nosy is quick and easy, usually completed within a few hours, depending on the site’s complexity and specific configuration required. The placement of Smart Nosy should favor direct interaction between the sensors, events, and phenomena involving the transformer. The preferred side for device installation is the one where the low voltage cables (secondary) depart.

In case of obstacles to the ideal placement, Smart Nosy is equipped with a very small accessory that offers greater installation freedom.

Smart Nosy is designed to be compatible with most resin transformers and operational contexts. However, it is always recommended to verify through a site survey by Sea Marconi technicians.

Strength points

Absolute innovation

The only tool that mitigates risks and contributes to damage prevention

Advanced diagnostics

Based on proprietary algorithms and human expertise (56 years of experience)

Integrable with the customer's IT system

Can be connected and used within the customer’s existing IT system

Timely notifications

Sending of alert/alarm notifications
in case of risk

Real-time monitoring + analysis

8 critical parameters monitored in real time 24/7 plus laboratory analysis


Quick return on investment due to the value of the service and the economic benefit obtainable

April 2024 

Smart Nosy on Transformers Magazine – Apr 2024

Our product is the result of over 10 years of research and investment

The patented innovation behind Smart Nosy has led to the publication of an article in the leading industry magazine, Transformers Magazine.
If you would like to learn more about our technology and its applications, view the PDF article.

Read Transformers Magazine >

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