SmartNosy RT – Health state monitoring of cast-Resin Transformers

SmartNosy RT (Resin Transformer) is the innovative Diagnostic and Prognostic service for monitoring the health state of cast Resin Transformers (dry transformers).

Sea Marconi could developed a globally unprecedented device as a picture-perfect tool for asset and risk management, which can support the owners (maintenance technicians or producers) of transformers in scheduling downtime and maintenance activities, minimizing direct costs, indirect losses, and accidental failures.

The peculiarity of the SmartNosy is the ability to detect the distinctive “smell” emitted by the resin transformers in case of a defect or abnormal behavior. The volatile organic compounds – VOC (the smell) are trapped in special cartridges than dispatched to Sea Marconi’s lab for mass spectrometry analyses.

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Monitored Properties Purpose
Ambient Temperature and Humidity Identification of out-of-spec environmental conditions, temperature difference between ambient and transformer, presence of corrosive atmosphere from humidity. Sudden cooling events.
Transformer Surface Temperature Profile Detection of hot spots
Volatile Organic Compounds Recognition of thermal or electrical degradation of polymeric components
Ozone Formation Formation of surface electrical discharges (Corona)
Transformer Vibrometric Profile Electrical and/or mechanical issues
Transformer Sound Profile Electrical and/or mechanical issues
Transformer Load Functional correlation with other properties

Interpretation of monitored data

The monitoring and interpretation of these key parameters can identify the onset of the following pathologies:

  • resin overheating,
  • corona discharge,
  • mechanical defect or failures,
  • overheating
  • overload or load imbalance.

Real Case The detection of abnormal values for Ozone (blue peaks) and VOC (red peak) helped to prevent a failure on the low-voltage side of a resin transformer



width: 28 cm;  height: 15,2 cm; depth: 6,6 cm


2 Kg


SmartNosy must be installed near the resin transformer to be monitored; it can be placed both inside and outside the transformer room.
Installation is quick and easy and can also be performed by non-specialized personnel

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Web platform

Each SmartNosy communicates in real time with a web platform that is not only able to show the data collected in the field, but also offers a real tool for the management of resin transformers. In particular, from the web platform it is possible to:

  • view a summary index on the health of the individual transformer
  • set and view notifications on relevant events (eg: alerts, alarms, thresholds exceeded, reminders)
  • view the real-time data monitored by the sensors in the field on each transformer (eg.: temperature detected by the IR thermal camera, ambient temp., humidity, VOC (cluster), vibration, AC current)
  • view plate information and real-time data detected by the sensors
  • upload documentation useful for asset management
  • view the status of the adsorbent cartridges, with indication of the replacement date and the subsequent shipment to Sea Marconi Laboratory
  • view all the diagnostic reports, including the analytical results from the cartridges, with indication of the health of the transformer and suggested actions for an efficient asset management
  • load events connected to the equipment, for example maintenance events, faults, alarms, in order to have a complete maintenance diary always available

Additional information

Technical article

Published on Transformer Magazine – Jan 2024 (823 KB)

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