Techniques, modalities and prescriptions for treatment of insulating mineral oil contained in transformers and electrical equipment

The course was designed for the training of technicians working in the electrical maintenance sector.
The agenda is designed for a duration of 1 day, including a half day of theoretical training and a half day of practical training through a site visit (or alternatively at the Sea Marconi office in Collegno (TO – Italy)) at the which transformer treatment activities are taking place. The visit to the operation site is an extraordinary educational opportunity, since live it is possible to touch the methods and process performances described verbally. At the same time the practical part allows to understand in depth the aspects, for example, of safety (for people, for assets and for the environment) that make Sea Marconi treatments unique.

This course does not yet have fixed dates.

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1 day

Properties of mineral oils and cause of degradation

  • Types and meaning of the tests, reference values.
  • Contents of the IEC 60296: 2012 ed.4 standard for new mineral oils
  • Contents of the Guide IEC 60422: 2013 ed.4 for the control of oils in service

Equipment and treatment techniques applied to the decontamination of insulating mineral oils in power transformers

  • Explanation of the different processes in use by Sea Marconi and its practical applications:
    • Physical Decontamination Treatment (filtering, degassing and dehumidification)
    • Cellulose Dehydration Treatment (drying of active part in situ)
    • Selective Depolarization Treatment and Acidity (regenerated)
    • Dehalogenation treatment PCB (decontamination of chlorinated pollutants)
    • Selective depolarization treatment of corrosive sulfur (decontamination of sulfur compounds such as DBDS)
    • Treatment modalities On Load (in charge and voltage); Off-Load (without load and without voltage)
    • Specifications, process parameters and results obtained at the end of the treatment

Theoretical session with supporting Power Point presentations.

Practical training at the nearest site where treatment takes place (minibus transfer) or at the Sea Marconi operating area in Collegno (TO).

– Managers of electrical equipment fleet,
– Producers or service providers,
– Utilities engineers,
– Consultants,
– Researchers (in the electrical, environmental and technical fluid fields),
– Asset managers,
– Maintenance technicians,
– Engineers involved in the maintenance of high voltage systems,

Sea Marconi Campus (via Ungheria 20, Collegno (Turin) – Italy)

This course can also be organised at the customer’s premises.

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Training material

Each participant will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentations (paper and electronic version) shown during the course and any follow-up handouts.

At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.


This course is held in Italian, English, French and Spanish.
The course can be delivered in other languages through an interpreter chosen by Sea Marconi or the customer


Actis Riccardo

Sea Marconi On-site Services Manager

*The course may be held by other Sea Marconi trainers

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