Remembering Maria Szebeni: An Example of Passion and Dedication

Thursday January 11th, 2024

We wish to express our deepest condolences to the family of our dear colleague and friend, Dr. Maria Szebeni, who has recently passed away.

With Maria, we shared frequent and intense moments (with the Sea Marconi Team and at IEC TC 10) spanning over 25 years, focused on regulatory innovation activities (in the working groups of IEC TC 10, Cigre, etc.).

We admired Maria for her passion for life, the sweet smile of joy, and the profound gaze that accompanied the intelligent satisfaction of being appreciated by colleagues.

We want to convey the privilege of actively collaborating with Maria, appreciating her warmth and empathy, as well as her strong spirit of service and personal and professional commitment (as a qualified delegate from Hungary).

For those who believe in God, Maria has completed her earthly life, but her Eternal Life continues in the firmament of stars in the sky, illuminating and inspiring her family, friends, and colleagues with her example.

A heartfelt embrace to Maria’s family, with affection, friendship, and esteem.

Maria, may you rest in peace. Amen.

Vander Tumiatti and the Sea Marconi Team

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