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Wednesday March 22nd, 2017
DeosVision.Transfo is the software that manages machine inventory and associated controls. This platform was designed and developed in 2004 due to the request of many valued Sea Marconi clients.
Over time the platform was then improved and updated to become a sophisticated tool that today completely meets the needs of machine inventory operators, regardless of the number of devices or their geographical location, in relation to Life Cycle Management and the reduction of associated risks (risk Assessment).
The system enables completely mapping all equipment, grouped into hierarchically structured operating units (eg. pole x, central y, area z, cabin w) and for each of them it is possible to connect the analytical tests (or controls in general) to an organised central archive.
Moreover it is possible to record maintenance work, breakdowns or simple anomalies for each piece of equipment in order to keep a real maintenance file.
DeosVision.Transfo is used exclusively online, by setting up specific settings for each user (or user group) for different devices.

The application is available via both On-Premise (sales license) and SaaS (Cloud application):

  • The first mode is ideal for large enterprises that have an IT department (with dedicated human and material resources)
  • The cloud solution is better for medium/small companies and for all those who intend to outsource “IT management ” of the server and its associated costs (staff, hardware/software, bandwidth, electricity, etc.)

DeosVision.Transfo is an indispensable tool to correctly manage the life cycle of an asset



  • Hierarchical corporate structure up to 4 levels
  • Manage equipment lists and accessories with the ability to duplicate, clone, or move items
  • Samples for each piece of equipment including analytical data and diagnostic information
  • Suppliers (useful when registering operators involved in maintenance work that DVT can manage)
  • Laboratories (semi-automatic receipt of analytical results and traceability of the analyzed samples)
  • Users (and their visibility)

Trials and tests

  • the possibility of inserting endless tests on different matrices, and different types of liquids (insulators, lubricants, hydraulic, electrical testing, thermographic tests, etc.)
  • ability to upload alert thresholds and alarms in order to view them in trend graphs for each parameter

Maintenance file

  • With the ability to record every task or setting for real recurring maintenance plans, based on the selected criteria, one can also set alarms (on the home page or by email) for “imminent” or finished tasks
  • One can also view, for each piece of equipment, all the programmed tasks or access an archive of previous work


Trend graph of the parameters

  • for each piece of equipment it is possible to see the samples associated with it and for each parameter analyzed one can see the trend in a graph.
    On the graph it is possible to activate the limits (alerts and alarms) based on industry standards and any oil treatments (or other maintenance tasks) that effect the analyzed parameters

Statistical evaluation

Based on the company (and its equipment) if it is visible, it is possible to make advanced statistical calculations.
For example it is possible to extrapolate the last analyzed values of a parameter for each piece of equipment, or the average/maximum/minimum value.The list of results can be analyzed in a table, as a histogram or as a percentile distribution.
These extractions are very useful for making managerial choices such as assessing the health status of the entire machine inventory or the maintenance plan for the equipment in certain conditions.

The data can always be printed via pre-made reports and conveniently exported to Excel

Requirements and Technology

DeosVision.Transfo is written in .NET and relies on Microsoft SQLServer DB

The latest release of DeosVision.Transfo is compatible with Windows Server 2012 and IIS 7.0

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