Sampling of oil filled transformer

Sampling of insulating oil” refers to the activity of taking a representative aliquot of oil from an electrical apparatus employing the insulating fluid as a dielectric and heat sink.

Along with the subsequent sample transport and storage phases, sampling is crucial for obtain a reliable analytical result and subsequently a truly reliable diagnosis.

The reference standard is IEC 60475 Ed. 2. 0 of 2011: Method of sampling insulating liquids

Oil transformer sampling can be carried out by Sea Marconi technicians or by the customer independently. In both cases, Sea Marconi provides a specific sampling kit that fully complies with industry regulations, thus ensuring maximum accuracy in the phase of taking oil, in the sample transport phase and during subsequent storage.

Sampling performed by the customer

  1. Sea Marconi sends the customer the specific sampling kit
  2. The customer receives the kit and performs the sampling (with the help of the included paper instructions and the video tutorial below)
  3. The customer returns the kit with the containers full of the oil taken to Sea Marconi
  4. Sea Marconi receives the kit, performs the agreed oil analysis and sends the diagnostic outcomes to the customer

If the sampling is carried out by the customer using its own containers, Sea Marconi reserves the right to check their conformity (according to regulations and in relation to the tests to be performed)

Instructions for the sampling of insulating oil from an electrical transformer

Sampling performed by Sea Marconi staff

  1. Sea Marconi agrees the date of the intervention with the customer
  2. A Sea Marconi technician goes to the customer’s operating site and performs the sampling
  3. The Sea Marconi technician takes the kit with the sampled oil back to the Sea Marconi laboratory
  4. Sea Marconi performs

For performing special sampling (free gas sampling, soil or atmospheric sampling, etc. ) specific operating instructions apply.

All kits with the extracted oil must be accompanied by the appropriate sampling card included. The latter must be filled in with care because the information entered (plate data, oil temperature, room temperature, visual signs, etc. ) are indispensable for both proper diagnosis and for proper inventory management of the machine pool and fluids.

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