COVID-19 crisis management, Sea Marconi response actions

Friday March 27th, 2020

Sea Marconi is currently committed to the following key factors:

  • Operational Resilience (NON-CLOSURE) with dynamic remodeling of internal activities in accordance with the “Guidelines” agreed (on 23 March 2020) with the “Sector Team Leaders” to guarantee the most effective and timely Response Actions to Customer Needs;
  • Best Operational Availability (possible) based on the continuous and unpredictable evolution of external conditions and restrictions;
  • Redistribution of priorities to generate maximum value for the customer;
  • Priority Activities “Essential Strategic Activities“: Innovative Sustainable Solutions for Asset Management, Risks Management and System Resilience for Damage Prevention, Environmental Protection and Enhancement of Opportunities “New Green Deal 2030“; in particular:
    • Research and Development Activities (as Leader and / or Partner) on strategic projects (Regional, National, European and International) in the Energy & Environment sector:
      • Bioeconomy technological platform of the Piedmont Region with the “BioEnPro4TO” Project in the organic waste chain; biomass; bioproducts; urban horticulture; biodisinfectants for bacteria, fungi and viruses; thermochemical, biochemical, and biological mechanic conversion processes; etc.);
      • InnovaPuglia platform with the “nmSensors TransfoClean” project for new generation “Lab On Chip” sensors applied in the diagnostics and prognostics of technological pathologies on oily and / or biogenic matrices of complex technological systems for the energy and environment sectors;
      • European Project “BioTrafo” – Horizon 2020;
    • Core Business “TransfoClean” activities: chemical-physical analysis, diagnostics, physical-chemical treatment of technical and / or oily matrices, plants and materials for the repair and maintenance of strategic machine parks (Transformers, Reactors, Insulators, Switches, etc.) in the energy networks of the “Utilities and / or Concessionaires” (Italy, France, Spain, Europe; North and South America; Israel, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East; Japan, Philippines and Asia, cc) for the generation (nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar and wind energy), transmission (very high voltage up to 1000 KV; medium voltage up to 15 KV), distribution (from medium voltage to low voltage at 400 KV three-phase and / or single-phase); Oil & Gas in the extraction, refining, transport, storage and distribution plants of petroleum products and derivatives; coal and metal mines; continuous cycle energy-intensive industries (ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy; chemicals; manufacturing; etc .; industries (manufacturing, textiles, agri-food, etc.); strategic infrastructures (rail transport; air transport, airports; naval transport, ports; metropolitan transport; collection , transport and treatment of municipal and special waste; public services (hospitals, schools, offices, etc.); defense (barracks, command and control centers, etc.,); research centers (public and private); telecommunications and ICT; etc.;
  • Compliance with national and/or local laws: for workers’ safety conditions and to enhance all the opportunities offered (public and private) capable of preventing and / or mitigating the effects of the crisis;
  • Temporary reduction and/or suspension of activities potentially at risk;
  • Use of Available Mitigation Tools: Smart Working; etc.;
  • Activation of workers’ wage protection requests;
  • Opportunity to develop new Solutions with the creation of a prototype (Lab Scale) for a new Biodisinfection technology (Bacteria + Fungus + Virus). It is a mobile device which, thanks to the online catalyzed thermochemical conversion (INPUT: Bioolio FoodGrade), is capable of generating vapors (OUTPUT: Biocides) which saturate the environment in which it is applied and consequently disinfect it from bacteria, fungi and virus;
  • Prepare the Best Conditions for Full Operational Recovery: at the end of the “COVID-19 Crisis: RESPONSE ACTIONS By SEA MARCONI”.


Taken from internal communication no. 5 “COVID-19 crisis management, Sea Marconi response action” issued on 24/03/2020 by Vander Tumiatti, Coordinator of the Sea Marconi Team for “COVID-19 Crisis Management”

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