Japanese delegation in Sea Marconi: Japan’s PCBs Free Program

Friday March 11th, 2011

Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th February 2011, at the Sea Marconi Headquarters in Collegno (Turin) a meeting was held with a Japanese delegation interested to the Sea Marconi’s solutions for the management of transformers contaminated by PCBs in Japan.

At the meeting participated Mr Toshihiko Takeo, general manager of JEMA, association of Japanese manufacturers in the electrical area, Mr Yo Osada, deputy director of WMF, foundation oriented toward the management of industrial wastes under the influence of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, Mr. Hoogendoorn, president of Orion, a company active at international level in the treatment of PCBs and involved with the development of collaborations between European and Japanese enterprises.

During the meeting, it was learnt firstly that in Japan, within 2016, all the equipment and materials classified as PCBs must be treated; secondly, it was learnt that by law, the concentration limit is very low: 0.5 mg/kg for insulating oils. This concentration limit represents a challenge for Sea Marconi, already involved in developing a new analytical method, derived from standard IEC 61119. The result shall be a substantial improvement in the limit of detection, that shall move from 2 to 0.05 mg/kg of PCBs, a 40 times reduction. To ensure such result, Sea Marconi is improving the current CDP Process technology, both in terms of plant configuration DMU and for what the formulation of solid reagents is concerned.

The Japanese delegation also had the possibility to visit a French site, where Sea Marconi is performing a decontamination form PCBs on five power rectifier transformers done with the CDP Process by Sea Marconi keeping the transformers energised and under full load for the entire duration of the intervention.

Sea Marconi, included as a member of PEN (PCBs Elimination Network), is configured as an ideal technological partner, offering BAT-BEP (Best Environmental Technique – Best Environmental Practice) solutions, thanks to the “PCBs Free” Program: BAT/BEP – Inventory, Control, Management, Decontamination of Electrical Transformer contaminated by PCBs complying with the Stockholm Convention relative to POPs and the norm CENELEC (CLC/TR 50503).

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