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Removal of PCBs and non-DBDS corrosive sulfur (C2) France 2010

Scenario Steel Factory: 8 Equipment Nameplate data of the transformers: Namufact: xxx Year: 1973 Power [MVA]: 85 Voltage [KV]: 63 Oil mass [Kg]: 18.150 Oil type: naphthenic blended Oil Fingerprint. It shows the presence of sulfur compounds responsible for oil corrosivity Solution Selective depolarization treatment (Chedcos) in order to remove the corrosive sulfur compounds and dehalogenation treatments (CDP Process®) in order to remove the PCBs from the oils
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Francia 2012 Rimozione zolfo corrosivo senza DBDS (C2)

Scenario Il classico trattamento con terre follari si dimostra totalmente inefficace contro lo zolfo corrosivo Caratteristiche tecniche del trasformatore: Costruttore: xxx Anno: 1969 Potenza [MVA]: 14 Tensione [KV]: 63 Massa olio [Kg]: 4.200 Tipo di olio: Esso Univol 54 Oil Fingerprint. Presence of sulfur compounds without DBDS Il trattamento con terre follari (NON da Sea Marconi) non ha prodotto alcun risultato
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Removal of non-DBDS corrosive sulfur C2 Italy 2011

Scenario Thermal power plant with 8 GSU transformers Nameplate data of the transformer: Manufacturer: xxx Power [MVA]: 370 Voltage [KV]: 400 Oil mass [Kg]: 58.000 Oil type: blended oil The analysis and diagnosis of the 2011 showed: Total sulfur = 5700 mg/Kg TCS (Total Corrosive Sulfur) = 104 mg/Kg (DBDS eq.) CCD Test = corrosive DBTP (dibenzothiophene) = 42 mg/Kg Step 2
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The IEEE publishes the study Sea Marconi about the quantification of sulfur compounds

The latest number of the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (vol. 19 No. 5 October 2012), the prestigious IEEE publication, published the study by Sea Marconi in collaboration with the University of Missouri Rolla.Our work clarifies and makes the point about methods of quantification of sulfur compounds in used and unused oils. The title of our article is “IEC 62697-2012: State of
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Sea Marconi, pioneer in the study of corrosion related to sulfur and NON sulfur compounds

The collaboration among Sea Marconi, University of Turin (Dept. of Analytical Chemistry), University of Rolla Missouri USA and the Serbian research institute “NIKOLA TESLA” continues. The work is the outcome of the brilliant result achieved, ninth over one hundred and fifty, following the participation to a tender promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development favoring the integration among Universities and
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